The Aim of this document is to:-
1 Produce The Prime Reference Standard – most faithful to The Original Greek for reasoning/enquiring minds
2 Introduce The World back to “1st Century Christianity” as first taught by Jesus and is yet never taught today
3 Show specifically where “Christianity” of today is so vastly different to what The Bible really teaches us
4 Explain to the lowest detail explicitly how Yahweh’s Most Righteous Plan for Human Salvation operates
5 Give an analytical translation to The World that can be trusted to become “The Disclosing Truth” for study
6 Become The One-Stop Oasis for The Real Knowledge sourced by Yahweh – bypassing what is given elsewhere
7 To discover what The Almighty God, Yahweh, is really teaching Mankind, and thus repudiates “Religion”
8 To entirely remove all ‘mystique and mystery’ within which Religious Leaders wallow for “People Control”
9 To cause vociferous debate and thus bring to The Fore within peoples’ minds just how important is this subject!

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