Define the Problem(s)

“Define The Problem” and then the solution may now become personally attainable.


1. The Future Goal, being ‘The Objective’ for all humans is not accurately recognised nor known.

The reason “The Future Goal” is not recognised or known is because it is never taught by those of all worldly religions ‘who claim to know’! They obtain a worldly living from perpetuating their established doctrinal ideas (worldly customs) and the leaders would become worldly impoverished by forsaking ‘the doctrinal knowledge’ gained while young and unquestioning (thus ‘locked-in’ to perpetuating doctrine comprising of mythical content – because these leaders have nothing else to support their livelihood and assumed position over ‘the masses’ when personally mature)!


2. This leads to two groups of people through successive generations:

2.1. Those humans who are taught to follow ‘The Doctrine (of worldly customs)’ of those ‘who claim to know’ tell them.

2.2. The remaining humans who reason that those ‘who claim to know’ are fraudulent and thus mere charlatans!


3. Consequently a complete ignorance of ‘The Future Goal’ being something available for all humans (if they so choose), then results in humans resorting to fulfil their own worldly desires – because they have no directional reason for their existence.

This we witness within The World today. Basically what is taught (worldly customs) by those of all worldly religions ‘who claim to know’ is so distorted from ‘Absolute Reality’ that the resultant dichotomy is forced upon humans:

3.1. “The Religious” not instructed to examine outside their ‘grouping of people’ – being ‘coerced’ to stay in what is effectively an unquestioning, ‘zombie-like-state’, else be excommunicated from a community of ‘family’/‘friends’ that they know and love for mutual succour. Thus people treat ‘this adherence to doctrine’ as ‘funding an assurance policy’ without realising what they are doing is absolutely worthless with regard to something that is actually “freely given” to all of us!

3.2. “The Atheists” naturally dismiss anything pertaining to “God(s)” based upon “the evidence” presented by all those fraudulent ones ‘claiming to know’ (being ‘those charlatans’ who are merely funding their present worldly existence)!


4. Is this logical?



5. Is this what we see around us?


When I speak about something apparently very new today that I claim as “The Absolute Truth” being merely what was taught as 1st Century Christianity some 2000 years ago then the resultant effect by either grouping towards me is:-

5.1. By the religious community attacking immediately. These members vigorously oppose what I publicise, firstly with useless reasoned arguments (which I can, and do robustly demolish), then when that fails, they endeavour to close off routes for me to further publicise this knowledge throughout The World.

5.2. Atheists are immediately sceptical and thus logically ignore me as being like all those other fraudulent people ‘claiming to know’.


6. Am I able to put ‘something’ together that is logical, utterly fair to all members of the human race and is logically consistent within itself when based upon all “The Evidence” that this World presents to all of us?


I am able to provide ‘The Solution’ being in actuality ‘The Goal’ that Jesus Christ preached some 2000 years ago and has been totally ignored (for ‘worldly expediency’ by the leaders) during the last 1800 years.

I implore the reader – YOU – to freely read this website to gain insight on what ‘The Goal’ really is all about – and it is not the most unrighteous message spoken as doctrine by present day worldly Christian Leaders. These worldly people are ultimately stealing your soul (= your conscious existence) from Yahweh because they are not fulfilling Yahweh’s Desire of them. This website carefully explains through its exegesis why unrighteous doctrinal misinformation is promoted today.


7. Is there a personal cost for you by collecting this information?


But it is only your time to fully digest the logical reasoning within this website.

There is no monetary cost. The day I ask for any ‘reward’ for providing this knowledge ‘of understanding’ is the very day this website becomes intrinsically worthless – and I am on record in now stating:

I am forever bound by that statement.


8. So – Now it is up to YOU to find out what ‘The Goal’ in LIFE is really all about.

Are YOU prepared to put YOUR time in doing this very thing?

Are YOU prepared to discover “The Truth” which has been carefully hidden just below the surface for a number of reasons?

Then I cordially invite YOU to read this website to gain ‘Absolute Knowledge’ based upon “The Evidence” that this world presents to all humans – provided they are only prepared to reason and then act upon it!

Hopefully I am merely ‘The Facilitator’ to enable this process to occur and I ask for nothing more from YOU.

Incidentally “The Goal” or “The Objective” that Jesus gave to us being the possibility of ‘Everlasting Life’ is not the primary objective but is merely the secondary objective (though it is a wonderful by-product of The Superlative Primary Objective). This website clearly explains to the visitor what The Primary Objective is that Jesus has made available to us individually during ‘The Gospel Age’ (2000 year period after Jesus’ ministry) to fulfil Yahweh’s Desire. When this primary objective is completed as I carefully explain then ‘The Remainder’ will follow through afterwards. This is all meticulously explained through the use of logical reasoning to thoroughly support what is stated on this website and I cordially welcome any person on this planet to show ‘structural fallibility in The Logic’ within The Presented Plan as detailed on this website. I offer a return email contact details to assist any reader on this planet to initiate this dialogue.
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