So what are the aims of this unusual website?

Mission Statement:
To relentlessly search for The Absolute Truth from within the mass of filtered data
that this world
offers to those persons interested in this task!

Then to provide “The Prime Working Standard” for all The World to use on this website.
This Master Reference will then combat the relgious miss-information which presently covers The World.

Sadly this task is made humanly very difficult to achieve because there are so many groupings having vestige interests and members within those groupings who have a need to filter data thus delivering various distorted conclusions for so many differing reasons.

So how do you begin?
I have spent tens of thousands of hours carefully collecting and reasoning upon The Evidence that this world presents. All this activity was outside my secular full time electronic/mechanical and pneumatic design work while forming a new company to produce ‘world advancing’ products for industry. Thus my motives are sincere and genuine – merely thirsting to succeed, beholden to no external individual’s whims to fund my personal activities.

The first thing one must do is ask what, why and how the original data will be filtered to deliver the human created conclusion, knowing as I do, being ‘a man of the world’, how “The Herd” culture proliferates within human societies – ‘no one’ dares to stand out and thus become either The Whistle Blower or The Martyr – because it will seriously affect their future prospects – particularly from peer interference.
So I pride myself as being ‘a maverick’ merely to view the data in a different manner as a new vista – for my quest is for The Absolute Truth – and The World has certainly not discovered it yet – but now confident that I have changed that, and thus present my findings on this website – The Roadway to The Absolute Truth. A very bold statement – but how do I justify this remark?

I need to penetrate through the filters and seek the original source material with which to work!
In the early days it was so difficult to know in which direction – for all the signposts were contradictory!

So which one do you choose?
Actually you cannot choose any specific one, but must look at all the signposts in a holistic manner and then reason why they all might be pointing in their own particular directions – because underlying – there must be perhaps a higher form of involvement (of whatever) leading to the witnessed chaos within human society formed by its reasoning!
Thus it is ‘the reasoning’ having a common denominator that delivers the chaos within society in what I term:-
Political/Religious/Commercial centres of human activity. I leave out ‘Science’ because it (speaking of some faculties) is generally more rigorous in its methodology – where perhaps the individuals are more focused in the pursuit of excellence – with less hypocrisy!
I explain ‘the common denominator’ extensively on this website.

In the early days of this quest I had to be very open minded in everything I evaluated, but some worldly religions were soon dismissed as having no scientific based credibility and if it was The Absolute Truth then Science and Religion (if there was/were {a God} or {Gods}) needed to be mutually compatible because they could not logically co-exist at variance.
I explain the concept of the ‘indifferent’ God as a failed human hypothesis elsewhere.

Now cutting my investigative story short – it boiled down to either Atheism OR Christianity.
Then through very critical and detailed investigation revealed Christianity as The Winner but not The Worldly Christianity as presented by the vast majority of protagonists who quite frankly have not much idea what it all means! – Thus just put out a confused and utterly useless messageapparently based upon a stripped-down version of ‘The Bible’ stored in their head, being so distorted as to bear little resemblence to The Master Bible (that is sadly unknown to billions of ‘Christians’ today).
However “The Absolute Truth” is rather something quite different – being a most marvellous Logical Plan that really appealed to my senses of “Objective Reasoning”!

I could not trust the atrocious translations (at key places) of The English Bible and thus set out to produce The Most accurate English translation of The New Testament on this planet (which I freely present on this website) – to give me an accurate working basis for critical analysis. Clearly I was learning throughout and needed to carry out a “Revision” process that I am now working through – thus please take care on the unrevised epistles (even though as unrevised they are more accurate than most translated Bibles now available).

Thus in my process of “deconvolution” (see glossary) I broke all the connections between the facts (as groupings) within the standard Christian doctrine that leads to all the mysteries in which the protagonists like to wallow within, thus creating the some 20000 denominations (in 1990’s but now some 37000 in 2010 CE), and then reconnected the groupings with new links to create a coherent picture plan with zero mysteries – but moreover utterly logical.

In my design work one must be ardently self critical – else the new design will turn back and bite you in production, and thus I am not afraid to virulently attack my revolutionary hypothesis that is conceptually so simple having no mysteries!

So with that – I present my website www.FutureLife.Org of several million words (to include the translation and commentary) of carefully reasoned exegesis for your careful consideration!