Declared aims of this website – “FutureLife.Org”:-

  1. To teach “1st Century Christianity” that is never taught today!
    Only a “New Jesus” (2Cor.11v4) has been taught over the last some 1800+ years.
    Being a “Gospel of Excuses” for self-declared “Christians” (Jude.v4).
  2. It explains how “1st Century Christianity” wholly answers “Judaism” in The Most Righteous Manner,
    thereby demonstrating that both aspects of “The One Knowledge” was/is sourced by “The Almighty God
    of The Universe”: “Yahweh” (= “I make become who/what I choose to become”).
  3. It gives to The World “The Most Accurate Translation” of “The New Testament” available. It is
    commutative, inasmuch it is possible to derive the original Greek from the translated English thereby
    underwriting its inherent accuracy. No other translation can make this boast, and hence by default, becomes
    “The Prime Reference Standard” for The World to use. It exposes and explains built-in systematic errors
    and copyists additions within all the existing English Bible translations
  4. It thoroughly explains The Almighty God’s “Most Righteous Plan for Human Salvation” for every individual
    of The Human Species pre and post Jesus Christ’s 1st Advent of some 2000 years ago. No religion on this
    planet can righteously do this – they all fail most dismally! I gladly welcome The World’s best theologians
    from such backgrounds (especially “Christianity”) to vainly attempt to ‘defend the indefensible’ (most
    theologians intrinsically fear “intelligent questioning”)! – Perhaps they should read this website first!
  5. It gives to The World an inter-verse commentary throughout The Translation that precisely explains what
    was in The Scribe’s Mind, which in its self, fully exposes the false teaching given in “worldly Christianity”
    as presently taught to The World, to make it a mere schism of “Religion”. All of which endorses “worldly
    methodology” (= “self-indulge to our neighbour’s hurt”) detested by “The Almighty God of The Universe”.
  6. While the Textus Receptus was the primary source, with references to other sources, The Core Message is
    precisely the same throughout. It seems that certain academics choose to magnify the very limited human
    induced errors as a vain excuse to ignore The Core Message. Both aspects are carefully discussed.
  7. This “Knowledge” (presently hidden by/from today’s leaders of Christendom is demonstrably unintelligible to
    them, witness their sermons) shall become The Vanguard to start “The Second Reformation of Christianity”.
    In like manner to John the Baptist, that shall ultimately close one epoch and begin the next, that is: To close
    The Gospel Age at Jesus Christ’s 2nd Coming during this 21st Century CE and begin “The Millennium”.
    Interestingly, despite their protestations to the contrary, leaders of Christendom do not intrinsically wish this
    prospect to occur (1John.2v18-19, 2Tim.3v5, Titus.1v16, being The Change unto “1st Century
  8. What is my “Authority” to state this?
    I have consumed some 50,000 person-hours (of unpaid occupation, hence wholly impartial, Matt.6v24) to
    generate the contents of this website that is all original material (though ‘standing on the shoulders of giants
    having gone before’) that I freely give to all people. These “New Concpts” underwrite each other to
    produce “The Most Harmonious Understanding” of what Jesus Christ really taught us. All this is sadly,
    completely twisted today (Rev.22v18-19), to make a ‘nice little earner’ for its leaders across The World
    (Matt.7v15, noting v21) lacking precision in its ‘dumbed-down’ version to “The Original Standard” as
    given by “The Word of God” (Rev.19v13) within The Whole Bible when sourced in its ancestral language!
    This is not what Jesus Christ, or the “1st Century Christian Apostles”, taught us by both word and deed!
  9. Long overdue for The World, this website in its entirety consists of some 4,000,000+ words to become “The
    One Stop Oasis” (on a parched Earth) that fully examines all aspects of Christianity and separates “Fact”
    from the prolific unrighteous “Fiction” given within “Worldly Christianity” that has progressively covered
    this planet over the last some 1800+ years. This is now to be exposed (as prophesied in Rev. chapt. 17 and 18)
    Thereby enabling us to by-pass leaders of “Religion” who are sequestrating what belongs to Yahweh!
    This website shall be universally recognised as having been underwritten by Yahweh to become His disclosed
    “Primary Reference Standard” against which all schisms of “Christianity” shall ultimately be judged in their
    supposed exactitude and held accountable for their various gross failings against what is now publicly declared
    throughout The World (Matt.7v7-8, 5v15, Luke.11v33)!
    To become “a breath of fresh air” that truly brings “Glory to Yahweh” into the eternity!
    By explaining why This Subject is so important to each of us on this planet (Matt.24v14)!
    Please click here to gain “a great personal treasure” which is “The Knowledge and Understanding” of Yahweh’s
    unfolding “Most Righteous Plan for Human Salvation” … … …