Issue: 27 Mar. 2018 1st
Rev. 27 Dec. 2018

Bart, Let me paraphrase what you stated:

Jesus Christ was in despair seeing things collapse around him, with one disciple betraying him and the other eleven running away.


It is so depressing to be reading your blogs, because you seem to go out of your way to take the opposite understanding to what really was occurring in the minds of The Participants, as recorded by “The Authorised Scribes”.

I am not certain whether you deliberately “choose not to understand” (“agnoeo”) or that quite simply you just cannot understand, having been taught to think in a worldly manner and quite unable to think with a mind like Yahweh!

I myself assess your output and form two minds, yet I cannot choose which one. One side of me is full of righteous anger that a person in your position (of supposedly being ‘knowledgeable’) constantly gets ‘the wrong end of the stick’ of what is in The Bible, and by consequence, mislead people not so well informed, as are you. While on the other hand, by slavishly following your mentors (of which they must be, if you follow their lead) at seminaries (Matt.15v13) has left you with a mind that cannot correctly (as deemed by The Author) process Biblical information.

My authority in stating my assessment of your output is based upon my some 50,000+ personal man-hours in only studying The Bible, and writing what I consider is the most accurate translation of The New Testament and of its most detailed commentary of all the verses totalling some 3,000,000+ words which is freely available on The Internet. My output also delivers another 1,000,000+ words in many sermons, dissertations and essays, also ripping apart Christian Sermon transcripts through my righteous exegesis. Now you have moved into my sights for a provisional audit!

As I state, I do not know whether to feel sorry for you, or just shake my head in utter disbelief!
Let me explain where you go wrong in your statement of your latest blog regarding JC’s state of mind at his murder.

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