Perhaps a surprise to you, and not expecting it from a website you believe to be promoting such mystic rubbish!Actually you are correct on two fronts never given by worldly religions and they are:-
The religions originating from the world are ultimately worthless = All Worldly Religions.
You can cruise through your life now and still, as this website promotes, have a final opportunity to ‘get it correct’ in your complete life (what this actually means is explained within this website).
However what this website promotes is based upon a well known misunderstanding because ‘The Knowledge’ has been minced, distorted, twisted to become utterly illogical and very unrighteous and thus accurately dismissed as being rubbish!This is what atheists are quite able to recognise in all these worldly religions that seem to be promoting a ‘carrot on a string’ in front of their duped acolytes and they like ‘asses’ run after it!Rather than taking that attitude I feel a deep and utter compassion for these people and that is why I have used all my additional time in constructing and creating the information on this website to help these ones presently lost, to see through the lies and distortion thrust upon their willing hearts!
And I feel a deep and utter compassion for you because you too, have shut yourself off from something that can vastly benefit you, only because you have pulled away from what you accurately witness as a sham!Please, I ask one thing of you and that is to spend your spare time and read ‘The Knowledge’ correctly explained that I am merely passing on to you.
This is vital information for your personal well-being and also for that of your neighbour.
I give you my personal assurance that what you read in this website fully explains what is occurring around you within your environment, but you are required to put some time aside to read and understand it, because it is deliberately hidden, masked from everyday view – understanding that has to be searched to then develop the necessary personal commitment for the future.
Because as the reader personally knows that only something worked for, is ultimately appreciated.Most importantly do not just accept it at face value – but question and reason upon it for yourself, because in that manner you shall understand it!Are you interested in a new message logically explained based upon an old concept, or are you still prepared to dismiss this website as being like all the other ‘religious rubbish’?

I am not interested.


I am interested.