The Aim of this document is to:-
1. Produce The Prime Reference Standard – most faithful to The Original Greek for reasoning/enquiring minds.
2. Introduce The World back to “1st Century Christianity” as first taught by Jesus and is yet never taught today.
3. Show specifically where “Christianity” of today is so vastly different to what The Bible really teaches us.
4. Explain to the lowest detail explicitly how Yahweh’s Most Righteous Plan for Human Salvation operates.
5. Give an analytical translation to The World that can be trusted to become “The Disclosing Truth” for study.
6. Become The One-Stop Oasis for The Real Knowledge sourced by Yahweh – bypassing what is given elsewhere.
7. To discover what The Almighty God, Yahweh, is really teaching Mankind, and thus, repudiates “Religion”.
8. To entirely remove all “mystique and mystery” within which Religious Leaders wallow for “People Control”.
9. To cause vociferous debate and thus, bring to The Fore within peoples’ minds just how important is this subject!
The appendix lists my primary sources to aid this translation.

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