“I am very concerned with what you write about your suggestion of a  “2 part Life”  – this is not true!

You must understand that God loves his creation and is not someone standing there watching to see if we misbehave so that he can smack us with a big stick.  I could not love a god like that but because I know he is forgiving merciful,  and desperately loves mankind I worship Him.  And because I worship Him I find I naturally want to live the lifestyle He has ordained for me.

At the start of the 1000 years Satan is bound and the first-Fruits/saints are raised from the dead to live and reign with Christ during the 1000 years.  The rest of the dead are not resurrected until the end of the 1000 years. Therefore,  they will not be allowed a second chance to learn righteousness during the millennium – they will not be there!!!   If you read from Rev.20v11–15 you will notice that the dead from the earth and sea are raised but  only for judgement – and if their names are written in the Book of Life they are placed on His right side for life but if not on the left for the Lake of Fire.   The people who live during the millennium and whom Jesus and his saints rule over are those people who manage to survive the endtime time of trouble which is to come upon the earth. They will have children and these people will live in a righteous kingdom, with Satan vanquished for a 1000 years. At the end of the 1000 Satan will be released to test these people who have not lived in a sinful world to see whether they choose Christ or Satan and we read that some will choose Satan and follow him to try and destroy the holy city but they shall be consumed by fire.  After this,  is the resurrection of the dead,  (those who have lived and died since Adam)  and when the judgement of everyone has taken place the new heavens and new earth will come  into being.  So people live once,  and are then judged at the end of the 1000 years – there is no  “2nd part to our lives”  – that is a fiction  (a teaching from those charlatan Christians!). It worries me that you are putting this teaching out to an unsuspecting public.  You are putting out “old wine” erroneous at that – which you must have gained by people who had not the correct revelation themselves. “It is given for a man once to die and then the judgement” (Heb.9v27),  The 2nd Death comes after a person has been judged and is thrown into the lake of fire. Not after he has been given a 2nd chance.

Now I know you state that we do not have all the same start in life but a poor person can behave honestly or dishonestly,  as can a rich person.  All our MPs are rich but most of them are corrupt and unbelievers so their wealth will not help them on judgement day.  I believe people who have had wretched lives but lived kind lives will have their names written in the book of life.  I believe the saints in the first resurrection are those who received Christ while they were living on the earth.  And for those persons who lived before Jesus died,  such as the Hebrew patriarchs who believed in God,  such as Abraham, David, etc.  they too will sit down at the marriage supper of the Lamb.  The bible says  “shall not the the God of the whole earth deal justly?”  I say yes,  so He is able to sort these things out.  He says: “Lean not on your own understanding but in all your ways acknowledge God …….”    I think you try to sort out too much yourself instead of leaving the things we cannot answer to Him.

I have come to the conclusion reading some of your material is pointless.  I know what I believe,  and your writing only confirms some of the things I believe or else is information which I have to reject as not being in keeping with my understanding of the bible so I do not gain anything from reading your works either one way or the other.

I really think you would take your website off the internet and go to a good church and get some good teaching!”

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