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I felt a strong desire to go to The Prime Standard in the original word – only because I found discrepancies and inconsistencies in what I now know as inept English translations (particularly the NIV) leading to diverse doctrine. Thus I spent initially 3 years translating it from the direct Greek myself with 3 interlinear Bibles, 3 lexicons, 3 concordances and 2 Ancient Greek grammar books, some 10 different Bible translations and many other support books for cross-checking – and I just ploughed through The New Testament – starting at Galatians and finishing with Mark!

I also wrote an inter-verse commentary to explain all those difficult verses only because existing commentaries were so deviant to reality in many places and The World needs to understand precisely what was really being said in God’s Word – for much of it is directed against false teaching and thus directed against worldly Christian Leaders – which clearly would not be put in their commentaries – now would it!

I am now going through a third pass over all this subject matter and rewriting this material to fully explain everything to the lowest level through detailed exegesis – so that no person on this planet can say: I do not understand The Bible.
I do this to merely bring praise and glory to Yahweh’s Name/Character/Authority through more people coming to understand that True Christianity is full of detailed allegories, prophecies to produce a most righteous Plan for human salvation that can only be sourced by The Genius with full Power to: “Make become what/who He chooses to become” merely to promote stability and righteousness within The Universe.

At present I am constructing a Concordance of Topics (List given within that section) and at the same time I am revising small parts of the inter-verse commentary  in this section as I, in my genuine search, iterate to The Absolute Truth . Those that I have completed are covered by a “Revised [date] on the 2nd line.

Please read on to gain understanding on what I would term “The Absolute Truth”.

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  • Jim Drasler

    says on:
    October 12, 2014 at 2:17 am

    You left out your references. What interlinears did/do you use and what are the underlying GK texts — CP, TR (Stephens 1550, Scrivener 1894, etc.), Tisch 1865, WH 1881, Gk Ortho 1904, NA/UB, SBL GNT 2010 — and why these?

    I am a fellow seeker, technically trained, wired problem-solver, retired engineer, self-taught, hungry, biblical student of the Word and maker of disciple-makers. I use Berry’s TR (Stephens 1550 + 7 editors); Charles Van der Pool’s Apostolic Bible Polyglot (Codex Vaticanus, Complutension Polyglot-based); interlinear and GNT.

    I came across your site why searching for the cross-over point between inaccurate teaching and false preaching.

    • admin

      says on:
      November 8, 2014 at 5:42 pm

      I thank you for your interest in my website: “FutureLife.Org”.
      I have a small library of about fifty books and within this several Greek New Testament sources, about five interlinear Old/New Testaments, several Strongs’ exhaustive concordances, several Greek and Hebrew lexicons and a couple of Greek grammar books to which on a contentious point I will scan through the most relevant books in the library.
      However the reference material I more conveniently used is ISBN 1-878442-81-3, 0-943575-33-8 and 0-7852-4723-8
      In answer to your specific question, I have based my New Testament translation upon the Textus Receptus version.
      While academics and critics alike focus upon the Greek sources upon which to debate, their ‘eye is on the wrong ball’! Yes – we are able to see the rare sentence transposed, or the odd very few words being different, and after negotiating around the various obvious copyist additions (the worst by orders of magnitude than all the others put together, being the first sentence of Rev.20v5 to which I give a 14,000 word commentary alone), but the actual underlying content of “1st Century Christian” teaching is The Same from all recognised Greek sources. The actual problem I discovered some twelve years ago is The English Translation given from these sources ‘standard’ or ‘interlinear’!
      After being prompted to carry out some investigation I discovered to my horror, serious universal errors in translation that utterly skewed the reasoning behind the original Greek text!
      And it was this that became my driver to generate The Most Accurate English Translation on this planet together with the most comprehensive inter-verse commentary to yield “1st Century Christianity” as originally taught by the Christ/Anointed Jesus and the original apostles to counter the plethora of now demonstrable and unrighteous doctrine that presently makes worldly Christianity a mere subset of “Religion” (driven by the self-same ideological reasons – upon which I will not elaborate here).
      Subsequently I have discovered that our translators erred in the following areas:-
      1. They did/do not understand the nuances in the spiritual nature of the “1st Century Christianity” given in the original Greek text and thus used the wrong descriptors at key places (excusable – they know no better).
      2. They placed a systematic spin on the translation to support errant worldly Christian doctrine (inexcusable – being highly unprofessional).
      But I merely reason, they are paid (hence ‘professional’) – and thus must deliver what their paymasters dictate!
      What the reader will discover in my translation and inter-verse commentary, all totalling perhaps some 3 million words of original closely reasoned righteous exegesis is the delivery of “1st Century Christianity” into The World at The Close of The Gospel Age that shall be as far reaching as was The Reformation to its time some 400+ years ago. A bold and yet will be demonstrably proven to be accurate claim! I show the people, events, places, laws, customs, names given in The Tanakh overlay precisely what is to occur in The Gospel Age and follows through into The Millennium, being exactly what JC taught by prophecy, daily in his sermons, which both Paul and Timothy were able to pick-up (Acts.22v3, 26v3-6, 2Tim.3v15-17) which sadly is never taught today – and yet this knowledge and understanding becomes The Foundation of Yahweh’s Plan for Human Salvation that brings true honour to Yahweh’s Omnipotence.
      I precisely explain all this within my commentaries and my dissertations on this website: “FutureLife.Org”.
      I have introduce new spiritual concepts and re-evaluated old concepts by thorough examination and reasoning, that challenges ‘the old school’ theologians (Matt.23v15) to now expose their weakness by trying to defend “The Indefensible”, being the illogical and unrighteous reasoning of The Old Wine (Luke.5v37-39) so that I might have more material to publicly contest line by line and thus bring more honour/glory/dignity to Yahweh within sane/reasoning minds within The World today. I am merely the little boy in the crowd shouting out: “The Emperor has no clothes” by stating the obvious errors pandemic within worldly Christian doctrine as given today which has falsely represented Yahweh for the last some 1800+ years – and I wish to bring that situation to an end as Rev.18v4 clearly teaches us! To which conclusion I expend a minimum of 4+ hours a day freely, every day for that last twelve years in-addition to my 50 hour secular working work to constantly iterate to “The Disclosing Truth” as sourced by The Almighty God of The Universe – and I freely give the results of my work to any person interested. I am on my 3rd revision of The New Testament on a rolling iteration as I hone the knowledge and understanding to become more faithful to that originally given in cryptic nuance by Jesus in his parables and explained within the epistles – so that the contents becomes entirely understandable to The Novice as I have done with Revelations comprising itself of some 600,000+ words.
      My Goal is to generate an electronic “Concordance of Topics” downloadable off The Internet to enable any interested person to by bypass what we are taught by worldly Christian leaders, so that these searching individuals might quickly discover what The Bible really teaches us (Matt.7v7) that shall then counter the plethora of unrighteous nonsense teaching as given by worldly Christian leaders that has as many holes within it as a colander! In this manner I have fulfilled Matt.24v14, driven by the same methodology as my most respected/honourable forebear: William Tyndale.
      Hopefully that has answered your questions and I have publicly freely expounded my mission in life.

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